Six Sigma is a structured, disciplined, data-driven methodology and process where the focus is placed on improving business performance using tools with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Lean is a concept for elimination of wastes in a process. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of Lean and Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma at A&M


Lean Six Sigma Training and certificate will

  • provide you with more opportunities for promotion to managerial positions, higher salaries, and higher visibility in your organization;
  • improve your organization’s bottom line. An ASQ research report concluded that Six Sigma provides an average return of more than $2 in direct savings for every dollar invested;
  • prepare you for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications.


The short course is taught by a Six Sigma Black Belt/Master Black Belt with many years of industrial experience working on Six Sigma projects and coaching Black Belts and Green Belts. The DMAIC process will be illustrated with several practical example projects. You will have the opportunity to start your own Lean Six Sigma project during the short course.


Upon completion of the short course, students will be able to follow the DMAIC process for applying the Lean Six Sigma toolset and concepts to improve the efficiency of processes and product quality in their organizations. They will also have a head start on extending their knowledge towards advanced Lean Six Sigma certificates.


Dr. Wei Zhan
Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Tel.: 979-862-4342