Green Belt Certificate

The  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate is more than just a title, it is a way of thinking, working, and most importantly doing business. Beyond achieving a highly regarded certification in the business world, Green Belt Graduates will change their approach to problems. Green Belts will follow a systematic approach to analyze and solve problems based on data. Green Belts will choose the best solution for the problem through statistical data analysis, increasing the robustness of the project’s final outcome. Green Belts will understand that there is no final solution to a problem and that improvement is a continuous process.

Skills Developed

  • Project and problem definition: How do you select a project?
  • Process map: How does it work currently?
  • Identify waste in the process
  • Voice of Customer: What does your customer want?
  • Data collection: Plan and analysis
  • Analysis of root cause of problems
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Solution selection upon statistical data analysis
  • Maintain the improvement achieved in your project